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          2019 Autumn Retreat Held in Zhejiang Theological Seminary
          2019-10-11 Source: this site

          From the afternoon of Sep 9 to Sep 10, 2019, Zhejiang Theological Seminary held a one-and-a-half-day retreat before the classes of the new semester. The retreat included sermons, hymn worship, prayer meeting, etc. Church members of Truth Church in Binjiang District, Hangzhou also participated in the retreat.



          Rev. He Jiemiao, president of Jiangsu Christian Council (CC) explained the meaning of life for preachers and how to learn to become a good shepherd from the perspective of faith’s concepts; he also delved into several practical issues like why Christians suffer from illness and how to confront with ancestor worship, etc.

          Rev. Kan Renping, chairman of Nanjing TSPM gave a clear explanation with regard to the teaching of Paul “offer your bodies as a living sacrifice” from the Old Testament Leviticus 1. He also cited verses from Mark 10:42-45 to help the congregation comprehend the teaching of the Lord Jesus relating to how to be workers of the era.

          At 18:30 of September 10, all students and faculty of Zhejiang Theological Seminary attended the prayer meeting. Rev. Zheng Rongda, president assistant and chaplain of the seminary used verses from Matthew 5:13-16 to urge all to be salt and light to reconcile and light up others’ life.


          Students and faculty also introduced themselves and shared personal experiences of being called, which helped deepen mutual understanding between one another. They all felt grateful for the wonderful calling of God and made up their mind to undertake respective missions.

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